The interior of the fireplace is lined with vermiculite. Its role is identical to that of fireclay, only it is much lighter and therefore cheaper.

Parts of the firebox are damaged by the long-term demand of the radiator to deliver far higher temperatures than prescribed by the manufacturer, i.e. by excessive heating to heat a larger space than expected by the radiator.

If Vermiculite cracks, the oven is still functional and does not need to be replaced immediately. It is perfectly normal for partial cracking to occur due to high temperatures or carelessness when inserting wood. Vermiculite should be changed only when it is eliminated, that is when the fire comes into direct contact with the metal surface of the firebox.

If you’re heating with the recommended quality of fuel, and if the chimney is in function, then the combustion is of good quality, and the glass will not be polluted. If intervention is still required, the glass should be maintained with the usual glass cleaners.

  • the product is incorrectly connected to the chimney
  • the chimney is defective, or there is insufficient air
  • adverse weather conditions
  • insufficient supply of fresh air to the room

Product connected to the chimney according to the technical instructions of the manufacturer.

  • chimney built of poor quality materials (salonite or sheet metal pipes),
  • insufficiently high chimney,
  • chimney of inappropriate diameter,
  • disadvantaged chimney – sheltered by tall buildings, trees or other obstacles that impede air circulation around the top of the chimney,
  • chimney made under the ridge of the roof,
  • low-quality plastered chimney – through the connecting joints it gets air that cuts off the flue gas flows,
  • a chimney with no built-in or poor-quality cleaning door,
  • irregularly cleaned chimney – accumulated soot and resin reduce the cross section and impede the flow of flue gases.
  • You can purchase spare parts from the furnace manufacturer Thermia d.o.o. For all additional information about spare parts and their purchase, call the phone number 031 / 634-133.