Elipso Max – Black, without stone


A fireplace stove that is, in the true sense of the word, dressed in a modern outfit. It has a nice elliptical steel body that makes it elegant. The large panoramic doors have a rounded shape which, with the air glass cleaning system, always gives the best view of the flame. With a nominal power of 8 kW, it will perfectly heat any living room.

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Energy classes

Identities: AP15-91V30.R00

Execution and equipment
Fireplace body Black steel
Fireplace lining Black steel
Firebox lining Vermiculite
Air regulation Manual
Flue outlet At the top or back
Flue connection Ø150mm
External air supply connection Ø100mm
Dimensions and weights
Height 1157 mm
Width 794 mm
Depth 449 mm
Weight 130 kg
Max. Length of wood 400 mm
Windshield dimensions (HxW) 732x663 mm
Side glass dimensions (HxW) 200 mm/ 200 mm/ 800 mm
Performance data
Nominal power 8 kW
Efficiency 80,31 %
Combustion 2,14 kg/h
Exhaust gas flow 6,75 g/s
Exhaust gas temperature 317 ° C
Vacuum 12 Pa
Fine dust 30 mg/Nm3
DIN EN 13240 BlmSchV: Yes, 2. level